Global restaurant outlook: feeding the global consumer

19. Oktober 2016
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Keeping diners happy is getting tougher. They’re more demanding than ever. They’re spending less on dining out. And they’ve grown savvier at searching for deals and fresh options. To succeed in this environment, operators must understand the forces reshaping the global restaurant market—and focus on winning and keeping discerning diners.

At a glance

  • Five trends are reshaping the global restaurant market: interest in food quality, price sensitivity, health and wellness concerns, on-the-go lifestyles, and localization of global restaurant chains.
  • To drive growth, progressive operators are looking to expand internationally, build scale, and forge new partnerships—moves that call for new organizational structures.
  • Rather than trying to be everything to everybody, successful operators are focusing on full-service or on-the-go dining—the two distinct experiences that consumers prefer.
  • To serve the on-the-go market, operators must address supply chain challenges, make better use of technology, and manage local delivery capabilities more effectively.
  • For casual dining operators focusing on the full-service experience, the right price and freshness of offerings are critical.

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